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Our Service

Penguin OC aim to provide your owners corporation with efficient, affordable service and seamless maintenance support. With modern management software, local trades and experienced staff, being part of an owners corporation has never been easier and more efficient.

Management Software

Using advanced management software gives us the ability to run things efficiently and gives members control over their accounts.

Local Trades

We source our trades from local small businesses to ensure you are getting quality tradesmen to your homes.

Viewhill Property Services


From dual occupancy dwellings to large scale apartments, Penguin OC are proven to provide high quality owners corporation management.

Our Portfolio

Legal Support

Owned and run by the Patten Robins Group, Penguin OC have constant legal support from Patten Robins Lawyers whenever you need.

Patten Robins

Our Skills

We are constantly striving to make a great service even better, so we like to assess our skills that we provide. We would love your feedback if you think we are doing things better or worse than we think.

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Our Portfolio

While we treat all our owners corporation client relationships with absolute confidentiality, many of our customers are proud to be part of our diverse Penguin OC portfolio.

Get in Touch

The key to our premium service is communication. We would love to hear from you or provide you with information as to how we could better serve your owners corporation today.

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